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Ah, brisket, arguably the king of the low ’n’ slow meats, is a must-try for anyone wanting to answer the question: Bro, do you even BBQ?

Brisket is a tough cut, but after slow-smoking for ten to 12 hours becomes a tender, tasty treat. 


Our packs contain a combination of fattier, marbled and leaner brisket pieces due to the way the meat naturally changes the further away you get from that delightful fat cap. We recommend going for a larger pack to experience all the texture and flavour brisket has to offer.


Perfect on it’s own, with a dab of Texas BBQ sauce, or served for breakfast as a brisket eggs Benedict (you heard us right) this is a meat that can do no wrong.

Beef Brisket

    • Beef brisket
    • Salt and pepper
    • Natural woodsmoke flavour

    ...and that's it!


Fresh food items that require overnight delivery cannot be delivered to rural and non-urban addresses. Please check your address qualifies for overnight shipping before ordering.

Rural customers: We can arrange for you to pick up at your nearest depot. Please contact us on

O22 O18 OO36 or to arrange.

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